Stuff in Richardson, Texas followup

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Mon Aug 9 21:49:16 1999

Ok, I spoke to the employee handling the purge of obsolete equipment at
the company in Richardson, Texas. Here's the deal: they would prefer if
someone could just come and haul all the crap away and be done with it.
They don't want anything for it, just for it to be hauled away.

More has been added to the pile since the list I posted, but I don't know

I'm going to probably be in the Dallas area at the end of this month or
beginning of September for probably the last time in the forseeable
future. I may make one visit or two or maybe even several, I don't know.
But, the point is that I can make arrangements with anyone in that area
who wants to meet me at the company and haul the crap away. Then you can
do what you please with the stuff. Sell it at a profit to others, be nice
and give it away for 1.2*shipping, etc.

So I put out the call to anyone in the Dallas region who is interested in
taking this on to e-mail me and figure out what to do with this stuff.

To those who have expressed an interest so far in some of the stuff, I'll
e-mail you separately about what happens next.

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