MsWorks for DOS?

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Date: Mon Aug 9 20:45:45 1999

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> Hi!
> I was wondering if anyone had an old copy of MS-Works (3.0?) for DOS that
> they'd be willing to email to me trade something for (I have some old Mac
> and IBM programs).
> I'm looking for a copy of the install disks to install in an old ZDS
> SuperSport. The JVC HD recently seized in it, and I bought a new one (Alps)
> through . Luckily, I had all of my documents backed up on
> disk, but unfortunately, the MS-Works that was on the Zenith was the only
> copy of MS-Works I have, and it was on there when I bought the computer.

My comments...

Be warned that ALPS hd is also not as reliable either, keep your data

Another JVC hd bitten the dust... Ugh. Move off to another Zenith
portable that use real 3.5" 40pin IDE hd like Superport 286 (that
one with double hinge kind with side floppy on right side or SLT 286
or SLT 386s/20 or any older notebooks that use 2.5" IDE hd not the TP
700/720 series.


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