Weird ISA 80186 card

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Tue Aug 10 09:37:40 1999

> >I found a pile of cards, and sorry in advance for the poor memory, but I am
> >curious about them.

> >They are long ISA cards with a single nothing special (maybe DB25?, I
> >forget) connector on the metal card end bracket. They have an NCR 80186
> >chip among others, and APL 186 may be marked on the bracket. Franklin
> >Networks is on the card too (I think). I sorted them out of a box of cards,
> >then put them back since I didn't have a clue about them.

> I was curious enough to stop back in and dig one out again. Here is better
> data.

> Franklin Telecom, ACP186, and the metal bracket connector is something like
> a HD80. The rest is basically correct, ISA card etc.

Ahh, now the bell rings - ACP186, today named ICA186, an 8 port
card for terminal and/or LAN/WAN connections. There are lots of
different software configurations available to setup multi-
protocoll PADs and Routers with this beast using DOS or Unix.

These cards can be used to provide TCP/IP routing over frame
relay and/or X25, transparent LAN acces over SNA/SDLC for
3270/3780 BSC, Burroughs, Univac or Honeywell protocolls
and last but not least of course Async. Or connect these
protocolls direct to X25.

maybe check the franklin pages for more info
Hint: look for MPP (Multi Protocoll PADs)

The boards are more or less junk without the soft.
Unless you want to have some small sub CPUs in your AT :)


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