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>Also, I saw what I swear must be a quad height pdp8 board. He wasnt
>sure what it was, so he wouldnt let me have it yet. He thought it
>might be a PDP11 board (did they make quad height PDP11 systems?).
>Heres what the board says:
> Excelan
> Exos 204 s/n 001993
>It has a 16 pin male ribbon cable connector on the top of the board,
>and strange 2-part female connector in the middle of the board, sort
>of like a 10 pin and a 36 pin ribbon female connectors joined together
>so that there is a slight gap between them.
>some intel chips on the board are dated 1982, the board itself is dated 1984.
>Anyone know what this board is?

It is an Excelan network board. I'm not sure off the top of my head whether
it's Q-bus or Unibus, but will do some research. It has drivers under BSD,
I believe.

The 16 pin connector goes to, I believe, an AUI network connector.

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