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From: Daniel T. Burrows <>
Date: Thu Aug 12 22:13:24 1999

I also have several quad wide Qbus cards with plastic handles. Be carefull
many even look the same at a glance. I have several Emulex UC08's (Quad
wide Qbus with 2 SCSI ports) and a UC18 (Quad wide Unibus with 2 SCSI ports)
and they look VERY similiar at a glance. Both have only plastic handles.
The Mentec M90 CPU has plastic handles and the M100 has metal rail /


>> > The easy way to tell a quad pdp11 board from a quad pdp8 board is to
look at
>> > the top and see if it's got metal ejector handles or plastic "flip
chip" style
>> > handles. pdp11 boards have a metal spine and metal ejector handles,
>> > boards have the plastic handles.
>> This isn't the case. There are several quad height Unibus/pdp-11 cards
>> that have plastic handles! Check the field guide or ask on the list!
>For quad and hex cards :
>The general-ish rule is that boards that fill the full width of the
>standard (for them) cardcage have metal handles, those that don't have
>plastic handles.
>So Hex height unibus cards have metal handles. Quad height unibus cards
>have plastic handles (because they don't fill a hex height slot), but
>quad height Q-bus cards have metal handles (becuase Q-bus backplanes are
>normally quad height.
>PDP8 Omnimbus quad cards have plastic handles. I guess that's becuase
>they originally didn't go into guides/a cardcage so the metal ejector
>handles aren't any use.
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