Ferguson BIG-BOARD mod's

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Sun Aug 15 11:25:34 1999

Some weeks back, Allison Parent wrote about some mods for the AMPRO LITTLE
BOARD-I to improve performance.

These were interesting, but now I'm looking for published mod's for the
Ferguson BIG-BOARD, which was quite popular, but had only Single-Density
floppy support via a WD 1771 and which used a standard (2.5 MHz) Z-80. I'm
interested in finding out whether there are any published modifications,
supported with code, to enhance this board's speed, and to upgrade its FDC
to a 179x type using both FM and MFM.

I've got aboug half a dozen of these boards and want to know that there's a
way to fix them up before I pass them on to interested parties. Does anyone
know of a reliable source of such material?

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