Drivers needed

From: Chris Cureau <>
Date: Sun Aug 15 12:07:17 1999

> I just acquired a NIC for MAC, it's an "Assante MacCom+ II E" etheernet
> card. What do I need to connect the mac to the ethernet network. I got the
> card without doc or installation program. Any help would be great.
> The MAC is a IIvx running 7.1
> I'd like to have TCP/IP or any other way to talk to the *indows network.

    This sounds like a job for Samba!
    If you just want to be able to use basic TCP/IP services, you need no
extra software or hardware -- you can telnet and ftp to your heart's content.
To actually see any shared drives, printers, etc. on the Windows network, you
need either a Samba server or a NT server that can talk Appletalk...

Hope this helps,
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