RT-11 DU configuration

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Sun Aug 15 14:48:12 1999

OK, having chanted the proper incantations, and performed the various rites
in the correct sequence I now have my RT-11 system as close to being back
together with all the various programs as I'm going to, until I get a
chance to redo the Macro-11 exercises I lost. Actually I've got a little
more than I had as I added a few games :^)

Now that I've got it back running V5.4 I noticed something interesting,
under V5.3 when you do a 'SHOW DEV' in the section for DU it lists the how
DU0: through DU7: are configured. This is very nice when you've got
partitions ranging across a couple disks. However, this feature seems to
be missing under V5.4, is there any way to get this information, or do I
simply need to write it down?

Now that I've got two "Backup" Hard Drives made, and most of the stuff
backed up on a RL02, I've got to get a "Working" Hard Drive built so I can
get back to the project of trying to get TCP/IP configured :^)

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