Williams Tube memory, Selectron question, and Charactron

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Date: Sun Aug 15 16:06:37 1999

Eric Smith wrote:
>William Donzelli <aw288_at_osfn.org> wrote:
>> The lights ("blinkenlights") on some early machines (and even a few not
>> so early machines) were tiny tubes, as well. A bit more simple than a CRT...
>Yes, but those weren't particularly "bizarre". They were just common
>incandescent bulbs.

I've seen scientific and computer equipment from the 60's and 70's using
a variety of "tubes" as indicator devices, everything from simple neon
bulbs to decatron counters and storage CRT's.

One might argue that a neon bulb or a decatron isn't properly a "tube"
(they certainly aren't "valves" because they don't have a control grid
like a triode), but they are non-linear devices that are capable of
storing (and displaying) state information and performing simple logic

Question for the UKer's: is a tube rectifier (no control grid, just
an anode and a cathode) called a "valve"? Is a voltage regulator tube (like
the venerable OA2) called a "valve"?

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