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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sun Aug 15 12:19:29 1999

On 15 Aug 99 at 14:37, Allison J Parent wrote:

> <I doubt very much if most CRTs are at all light-sensitive.
> You kidding? Those phosphors are quite sensitive to light at the right
> wavelength.
> Everyone forgets a plumbicon (and predecessors) used a phosphor coated
> target that the image impinged on and then was scanned with a electron
> beam with the incident current sensed using an internal collector grid.
> Maybe you had to work with the old mono camaras with a tube in it rather
> than a CCD.
> Allison

 How did the old light-pens or the light-gun with Atari 8-bits work ?
Weren't they related to this sensitivity of the CRT ?

ciao larry

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