Crepuscular? (was: field maintenance print sets)

From: LordTyran <>
Date: Sun Aug 15 19:53:33 1999

> In earlier times, it was also easier to access the net and BBSs when most
> people were in bed. I can remember after many repeated attemps to access the
> provider during peak periods, I would give up in frustration and log-in after
> midnight. Some of the more popular BBSs would supply statistics to show the
> best time to be able to access them. And of course it would also tie up your
> own phone-line.

In my oppinion, better times, but that's just me.

I found that the best time for logging into my favourite BBSs (The Bad
Element II, Late Nite BBS, Liberty Line, etc) was before I left for school
in the morning (around 6:45).

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