More available equipment / Chicago rescue opportunity

From: Scott Ware <>
Date: Tue Aug 17 12:04:48 1999

The moving truck arrives Monday, and I still have far too much stuff. If
anyone in the Chicago area is interested, I have the following equipment
available free to a good home (of course, interesting token small trades
or cash won't be turned down...)

DEC RL02 disk drive w/packs
DEC 6-bit A/D converter (likely to be incomplete - made with
  single-height flip chip modules. Was used with an 8/e.)
Assorted DEC power supplies (single and multi-voltage outputs)
Apple II+ with Disk II drives
Apple IIgs
Apple Disk II drives
Apple Macintosh IIci
Apple Macintosh Plus (qty. 3)
Apple Macintosh SE
Apple monitors - II, IIc, RGB, Mac
Assorted monochrome and color monitors
Assorted PC clone cases, parts, and power supplies
AST 486 desktop (stripped)
Compaq 386 desktops (qty. 5)
Compaq Portable II (one data line on ISA bus stuck low?)
Data General/Hitachi 20" monitor (fixed freq for AViiON, RGB+sync on
  green, slight xdm login screen burn. Same model used with some SGI
Magnavox Odyssey2 (qty. 3)
Okidata LaserLine 6 printer (w/extra toner)
Sony 16" Trinitron monitor (fixed freq, RGB+h&v sync inputs)
Keyboard for Commodore 128D
VTech Laser 128 (poor cond.)
8" and 5.25" floppy disks
Various non-computer electronics (JBL speaker components, assorted a/v
  equipment, old test equipment)

There are also many other items that I may be willing to part with if
someone is interested, including the following:

DEC PDP-11/24
Luggables - Compaq, Panasonic, Sanyo, etc.
Other Apple II-series and Macintosh systems and peripherals

I will not have time to pack and ship any of this equipment before the
move, so pickup in Chicago (Lakeview/Lincoln Park area in the city) would
be greatly preferred. I may be able to make some of the smaller items
magically reappear in the SF Bay Area in a few weeks (for the cost of
freight) if there is no local interest, but I can't do that with the
larger items.


Scott Ware                              
Received on Tue Aug 17 1999 - 12:04:48 BST

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