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From: Charles E. Fox <>
Date: Tue Aug 17 13:40:37 1999

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>Robert Uiterwyk <> 08/16 11:53 AM wrote:
>>I am desperately looking to fill the last hole in my "machines that I have
>>worked with" museum.
>>An IBM 5100 - This machine used two 1/4 inch tape drives and had either
>>Basic or APL (or both) in ROM. Inbtroduced in 1975 by IBM.
>I am seeking assistance in estimating the total production of IBM 5100s.
I believe this can be done by collecting a sufficiently large sample of
serial numbers and related information. Hopefully, I will be able to
divine the numbering convention and thereby come up with a reasonable
estimate of total production. This, of course, assumes that the units were
serially numbered.
>Therefore, I am looking following information for 5100 units:
>1. Model (BASIC only, APL only or APL/BASIC)
>2. Manufacture date (if known)
>3. Serial number
>Also, I would like to receive item 2 and 3 information of 5106 tape drive
>Thanks, all.

        Mine is 5100WT # 13352, (BA101), and the tape drive is 5106WT #31965.


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