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Date: Tue Aug 17 19:52:54 1999

Eric wrote:
>Tim wrote:
>> According to what I read from the web page, there's a PC-clone switching
>> power supply followed by a "boost" switching circuit to get back to
>> +8 and +/- 16. That's not completely unreasonable, but it sounds a
>> little bit fishy to me in the sketchiness of the details.

>It sounds a *lot* fishy.

Well, I wasn't going to say so, but indeed it does sound something
like vaporware.

> For the required current, it would be more
>expensive to try to use a standard PC supply with custom step-up converters
>on the outputs than to simply:
>1) Hack a stanard switcher
>2) Build a custom switcher
>3) Have one of the switcher manufacturers build a slightly customized model

But a standard PC-clone switching supply is so common that they're
almost free, so it may be the place to start. Again, I think we may
be talking about vaporware, so perhaps a technical discussion about the
way something should/shouldn't be done is silly when it'll never be done

>I've been thinking about replacing the power supply in my IMSAI because
>the transformer has shorted turns and is delaminating. I've been looking
>at stuff from Vicor. Not cheap, but high quality and reliable.

Certainly, there are many expensive high quality and reliable solutions
to getting 8V at tens of amps and +/- 16V at a few amps. But I can't
think of any really cheap solutions that are high quality and

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