DC300 Tape Repair

From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_netsync.net>
Date: Tue Aug 17 20:34:46 1999

Upon the date 02:01 AM 8/18/99 +0100, Tony Duell said something like:
>> Upon the date 05:01 PM 8/17/99 -0700, Wayne Smith said something like:
>> >What's the best way to replace a broken belt in a DC300 tape cartridge?
>> >there a source for new belts?
    -- snip --
>> three or four arms hanging off you? :) Tony, have any thoughts on this?
>Argh! (that's me remembering what happens when you try to do this).
>The belt runs from the 'drive puck' (the roller that's driven by the
>capstan in the drive), between the 2 tape spools (it rubs on the outer

   -- snip decent description of how to test oneself patience --

>Put the cover one, and fit the screws.
>Wind on the tape a few more turns, and try it in the drive. Start by
>'retensioning' the tape.

Good. I'm glad you took on the procedure. I was concerned I would use *far*
too many cuss words. I tried this with one or two DC100's years ago and a
DC600 and a Travan 1 cart fairly recently. Was *not* a pretty sight each
time. I tossed the TR-1 cart anyway since the belt had friction damage. It
only had a couple of backup procedures run on it and was fairly new when it
self-destructed :(

Regards, Chris
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