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> WHile I've only had about half a dozen motherboards die over the years, I've
> got a 55-gal drumful of dead power supplies, on most of which the fan is
> what failed. In many cases, the fan fails and then the supply gets hot and
> dies.


The typical peecee PSU that you usually see in consumer stuff is not
that good. More like it's rated 180W max load constaniuous or so
for a typical 200W PSU.

If one have a Astec, SPI any decent quality make with ball bearing
fan, count on it that it will keep working and working and fewer
problems, mystery rebootings etc.

We also have seen one or two blow out most of guts in peecee by a bad
quality PSU made by Evermax model. And few ATX PSUs in row that it
acted like reset button that resets machine by simply push on that
bottom pan where circuit board is. Those PSUs were only few months
old. (!!) This one I think was also by Enermax or one other I
forgot. Most of old out of warrenty PSUs were caught early with
gummed or worn out fans and we simply replaced it with sunon ball
bearing fan type. And on other items we solved this problems by only
selling ONE BRAND, Aceropen for cases and cdrom drives. Seems that
two items Acer shines well.

That 55 gal drum of that PSUs, I bet all were sleeve bearing fans and
low quality overall. Also capacitors all dried up in some, blown
switchers, diode network. Blown out main transformer is thankfully

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