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>On another note: I picked up a couple of real nice "Media Cabinets" for $25
>each. They're 7 feet tall, 18 inches deep, and 3 feet wide. They have
>lockable roll-down doors (tambour), they're made of steel, and weigh a TON!
>Great storage at a great price.

        Yep! Those are likely some examples of the early 'Wright Line' cabinets.
You can get all kinds of inside accessories for them to store just about
any kind of media or books you can imagine.

        If you're really lucky, you may find one of their later 'OptiMedia' line
(as I did). They can be distinguished by the fact that their tambor doors
go side-to-side instead of vertically.

        Wright Line is still very much in business, and they're happy to sell
accessories. Check them on the web at

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