Wanted: jumper settings for Teac FD-235HF-101

From: Ethan Dicks <ethan_dicks_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Aug 18 08:42:47 1999

I have been over the numerous PDF files on the Teac web site. The *-101
drive is not listed. It has a row of jumpers near the power connector with
some recognizable names (D0, D1, FG, H-HI...) and at least one with a mysterous
name (OP). The problem that I am having is that I have this flat-panel PC
with an external DB-25 for an external floppy. I have traced out individual
pins from an internal 34-pin header to the DB-25, but have come up with several
that don't connect...

34-pin: 2, 4, 6, 12, 16

AFAIK, pin 16 on a standard floppy is the MOTOR ON signal. The behavior is
this: the drive seeks on boot, the disk auto-rotates on insertion and when
it gets to the part of the initialization where the floppy is read, the LED
lights up, the heads twitch, but the disk does not rotate.

On 5.25" drives (i.e., FD-55GFR and pals), there are straps to control when
to light the LED and when to fire up the motor. I cannot figure out if there
is a way to tell this floppy to spin based on other signals than MOTOR ON.

There are several "S*" jumper pads on the drive PCB. I did have to change
one jumper before using this drive in a standard enclosure (it came from a
four-disk floppy duplicator) in order to select it. It works find in a PeeCee
now. I'd love to know what the half-a-dozen pads are for.

Caveat: I don't mind swapping this drive out with another one, but I only
have a source of +5V, not +12V from this connector (no, the FD-235 does not
use +12V for the motor).


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