Spotted at the thrift shop

From: Steve Robertson <>
Date: Wed Aug 18 09:16:36 1999

> >On another note: I picked up a couple of real nice "Media Cabinets" for
> >each. They're 7 feet tall, 18 inches deep, and 3 feet wide. They have
> >lockable roll-down doors (tambour), they're made of steel, and weigh a
> >Great storage at a great price.
> Yep! Those are likely some examples of the early 'Wright Line' cabinets.
> You can get all kinds of inside accessories for them to store just about
> any kind of media or books you can imagine.

Yep... That's exactly what they are. Fortunately, they came from a clean
environment and are in extremely good condition. After getting them home, I
realized how useful they would be so, I'm gonna go back and see if there
are any more.

> Wright Line is still very much in business, and they're happy to sell
> accessories. Check them on the web at


Steve Robertson <>
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