Spotted at the thrift shop

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Aug 18 07:37:56 1999

On 17 Aug 99 at 10:01, Steve Robertson wrote:

> Saw this at the local thrift and was wondering if it is worth grabbing.
> It's a ZENITH Luggable computer. Looks kinda like a COMPAQ suitcase
> computer. Although it could be a tad smaller. The unsual thing about it is
> that the drives (5-1/4 and HD) are hidden in the top of the case. There is
> a release mechanism that allows them to pop-up for access.
> It's priced at $30 but, I could probably get it for about $20. Is it worth
> collecting?
 I have one in my collection, but with 2 fds no HD. Cool design. Mine's a
ZFA-161. It's a Dos machine with a monitor program in ROM ,but a CP/M card was
available. It has a passive backplane and one of the most uncluttered interiors
I've seen. If it has an HD I'd go for it, Hell, I'd give you $20 just for the
HD and controller.

ciao larry

PS Just had a look a Uncle Rogers images. Apparently the model 150 was also
luggable. If you can really say the first Compaqs or Kaypros were "luggable"
with a sraight face.

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