OT whats a Alpha 2100 server A500MP?

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_netwiz.net>
Date: Wed Aug 18 16:06:32 1999

I cannot believe this lucky dog friend of mine. Last month he buys a Compaq
1265 at auction cheap with a cracked display, and compaq replaces it under
warranty free. This week I tell him to check out a auction I went to where
a big bidder defaulted, and comes back with this "still under hardware
support" Alpha 2100 server model A500MP, and the price was too good to even

Now we want to play with it though, and neither of us has a clue where to
start. (hint it won't be the $200/hr Compaq software support line) The only
thing that came with it is a DAT drive (worth more I bet than he paid for
the whole thing). On the back it has a couple PS/2 mouse/keyboard type
connectors, a serial port, and I think it has a ethernet card. Software on
it might be OSF1.

HELP. It is too heavy for "us" to move out of his SUV, so we plan to back
it up in my driveway and run an extension cord to it and whatever else we
need to for "testing". Just finding out what is inside would be real nice.
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