More on that PBX...

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <>
Date: Wed Aug 18 18:28:05 1999

Okay, I got the thing up to a lighted room, cleaned it up, and I'm going
about checking it over. So far, I've determined the following:

The computer itself is a 16-bit discrete-logic machine, with scattered ICs.
It spans about 7 or 8 boards for the CPU itself, and about 16 or 17 for
64K or so of RAM. Dunno what it runs, as I can't power it on yet, but
it boots from a magnetic tape cartridge. (I think it's a QIC-02 cartirige,
aren't those the ones about 1/2" thick, 5-6" wide, and about 3" long?)
Anyway, I haven't found a TTY connection yet, but I did find a Bell
answer-only modem inside the rack (In fact, it had broken free of it's mounting
and was bouncing around inside the rack) so it does have one somewhere.

The main problem at the moment is the AC input box appears to be dead.
No output when power is applied. I'm getting a second person to watch me
open it tonight, that way if I do something stupid and nail myself, there's
a second person to run for help. Replacing the AC box with a power
strip won't help either, it appears to generate all the miscellaneous
AC voltages required. If I get ambitious, I may be able to replace it,
but I don't wanna unless I have to.

More as I find it out...
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