Article on old software programs (for IBM, Apple, Borland, etc)

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Date: Wed Aug 18 21:03:32 1999

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999 19:48:53 -0600 "Richard Erlacher" <>
>You can't always unplug it. Nowadays, the PROMs are soldered in and
>reprogram them in situ.
>How does that effect your definitions?

Stupidware, n: Data entities that can be deleted by software, which,
when so deleted require de-soldering of one or more parts in order
for them to be restored. <'Modern PeeCee's are generally now equipped
with *stupidware*, as a cost saving measure.'>

Slushware, n: The silly practice of de-compressing firmware, and
placing it in RAM, usually in a very vulnerable area of the address
space. <"When changed the address of the BIOS on my SCSI card, the
the boot message said that I had 'corrupt *slushware*'.>

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>To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
>Date: Wednesday, August 18, 1999 1:16 PM
>Subject: RE: Article on old software programs (for IBM, Apple,
>Borland, etc)
>>"Charles P. Hobbs" <> wrote:
>>> > If you said that that computer had "hardware software" I would
>>> > to kill you ;-)
>>> Firmware?
>>Definitely firmware. You can grab it and remove it. It is
>>plugged in.

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