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From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Wed Aug 18 21:31:54 1999

It's those hard drives that cause those common PSU failures! If you plug
them in while the PSU is running, you'll see why someone made the remark
that switchmode power supplies don't like switching loads.

I know . . . I do it too, but it's one of the most frequently ignored


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>> >The typical peecee PSU that you usually see in consumer stuff is not
>> >that good. More like it's rated 180W max load constaniuous or so
>> >for a typical 200W PSU.
>If you're lucky. I just bought (and returned) a POS PC with a 75 watt
>(rated) PSU. No joke. I like to put a nice, 300W PSU in all the computers
>that I build beacuse they're really not the much more expensive... and a
>lot cheaper than replacing a lot of hard drives..
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