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> I've had plenty of PSU's fail, but the price is not as good an indicator of
> the probability as you might believe. I've got two machines of about the
> same age and content, yet one has had three PSU's over the 10 years it's
> been in use, while the other has the one it had when I got it. I realize
> that's unusual, but it can happen.

Do you have database on all the failed PSUs brands? (Important)

I know of at least 3 brands that really take the cake for failing.
Jaba (rebranded Canadian seller)
Touch (remember now), Enermax and few other oddball names.

Remember, 10 dollar PSU can be branded as 100 dollar thing and 20
dollar PSU can be decent with ball bearing fan in it and sold as $25
thus. That is why I agree with that price thing can't be done.

Same story on heatsinks/fan. :-) In computer show, I even asked
pointed Q to few resellers about heatsink fan about ball bearing
type and I bought same type everywhere else and took home.
Then tore it apart, SLEEVE for a $20 USD thing. We sell decent
heatsinks w/ ball bearing always, nice thing is it's $15 canadian.
Even it's for 486, pentium, K6 etc. That is one other primary
reasons we sell boxed CPUs because of this.


PS: I went through several heatsinks w/ fan types in few months
once while in US. Got tired of it and jerry-rigged a tallest heatsink
I can find in my junk hoard and a ball bearing out of a dead PSU in
front of motherboard where CPU is. That original arrangement went
for 3 years now.

> Dick
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