Cool find

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Thu Aug 19 23:09:28 1999

On Thu, 19 Aug 1999, Tony Eros wrote:

> I snagged some cool lab robotics stuff recently. I picked up a Zymark
> EasyLab controller and a Zymate II robot. Has anyone ever used one of
> these?
> I skipped picking up a Tektronix printer, the kind that attached to one of
> their graphics terminals -- sort of wedge-shaped. I didn't note the model
> number. I could probably buy it for about $5 -- if anyone wants it, drop me
> a line and I'll pick it up.
Tony, if the graphics terminals were the storage tube type, the 'printer'
was likely a Hard Copy Unit - 4631 or near relative - that uses the pricey
dry silver paper and is the same or similar to the one used with the 4051.

                                                 - don
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