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From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Thu Aug 19 23:28:28 1999

On Wed, 20 Jan 1999, Jason (the General) wrote:

> Does anyone have any sort of info on this thing? I just picked one up at a
> garage sale for $1. The guy I bought it from had no info about it. He said
> it was in the basement of his house when he bought the house...
> The case is about 6" high by 15" wide. It has a 1.2 MB 5.25" floppy and a
> ST-225 HD in it. It has a 286-10 CPU in it, but when "turbo" (it's software
> controlled - "boost.exe" makes the computer beep then lights a green LED on
> the front)is on, it clocks at 13.5 MHz (QADiagnostics). There is a 3.5" bay
> that's the same height as a 5.25" floppy (anyone have a drive that'll fit in
> here?), and the three LED's (green, red, green - power, HD, turbo) aren't
> labeled. The cover over the HD bay is odd, too. It's frosted. Whenever
> the computer's on, the green HD light can be seen through it, sort of like
> the old Olivetti had.
> The cards that it has are a standard MFM controller (although in a
> non-standard place - it's set back About 1" from the back of the case, and
> about 1" to the right of the card cage, and the ''tail" on the card's
> mounting bracket goes through a hole in the motherboard)/ There's also a
> standard CGA/composite video card, and an ARCnet LANcard. It has a BNC coax
> connector on it.
> As my luck would have it, though the "arcnet" directory was empty. All the
> directories were empty but the DOS directory, and they all appear to have
> hidden files, because I can't remove them.

Why don't you use UNDELETE or Norton and see if you can recover some files
in the ARCNET directory and/or others. If UNDELETE is not in the DOS
directory, I'd bring Norton to it on a floppy rather than write it to the

                                                 - don
> The case is also made from a surprisingly heavy gauge of steel. All the
> metal is about 1/32" thick, and it weighs about as much as a 5170 AT.
> Anyone have any info on this? what it was mainly used for? Maybe a
> keyboard to match? :)
> ThAnX,
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