Hacker tea (was Re: Late Nights and Caffeine)

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Date: Sat Aug 21 13:06:55 1999

In message <l03102807b3e21709c5ad_at_[]>, Mike Ford writes:
>>Brian L. Stuart wrote:
>>> And bringing it full circle, Brazil is the name of the latest
>>> research OS at Bell Labs from the same folks who brought you
>>> UNIX. They seem to take great pride in naming systems with
>>> names that make marketing cringe. The predecessor to Brazil
>>> was Plan 9 after the infamous sci-fi movie Plan 9 From Outer
>>> Space.
>>Actually, I think the full name is "Plan 9 from Bell Labs", which is more
>>faithful to the original title than "Plan 9" would be. You're right about
>>making marketing cringe, though!
>Interesting since the marketing behind M$ OSes is directly from Plan 9 from
>outer space, "you earthlings are stupid, stupid, stupid."
>Best I can do before my morning tea, and yes its been one of those days.

I love it!!! Now if we could only convice the earthlings that
they really aren't stupid (well at least not always).

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