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From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sat Aug 21 14:09:49 1999

Sooner or later, someone will bring in a TI "Speak-N-Spell" which was one of
the most important mass-produced electronic toys of the '70's. Once they
become rare enough that they bring a good price, lots of plastic-packaged
electronics will appear, right along with those Ming-dynasty vases.


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Date: Saturday, August 21, 1999 12:37 PM
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>> > I think that it's a load of crap. Old computers for the masses.
Ruins it
>> > for the rest of us. Next thing you know, the Antiques Road Show will
have an
>> > "antique computer" eposode.
>> Um, from what I heard, someone on the Roadshow said within the last year
>> that computers will become the next hot collectable. Someone locally
>> told me that (I didn't see the show myself). So it's too late for fear,
>> move straight on ahead to loathing.
>Certainly on the UK version of the programme, somebody brought along a
>Sinclair calculator, and one of the 'experts' said that these machines
>were becoming ever more collectable. I've never seen any electronic
>equipment on the programme apart from that, though.
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