Parting out VAX 11/750

From: Dennis Rosenauer <>
Date: Sat Aug 21 17:05:02 1999

According to
> Guys:
> There's a VAX 11/750 that will soon be parted out.
> If there are any tid-bits of this thing you want,
> please LMK via private e-mail.

I also have a VAX 11/750 and have been looking for a few parts.

I am looking for the UM Boot Prom. This is the boot prom
to support booting the VAX directly from an Emulex SC-31
disk controller.

The boot prom is located on the memory controller, this will
be the board labelled L0016 or L0011 depending upon the
vintage of the VAX. The prom should have a part number on
it with #278B or Emulex #287B.

Even the contents of the prom would be useful. If you have
anything like that please let me know. I of course am willing
to pay for the part and shipping etc.


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