Damn fools (was Re: Dell "Oldest PC" winner on zdnet)

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Date: Sun Aug 22 20:51:46 1999

In message <Pine.3.89.9908211900.A10465-0100000_at_netcom16>, John Lawson writes:
> Anecdote: A friend years ago had such a relationship with a
>scrapyard here in SoCal. One day a pice of choice military radio gear
>appeared that my friend coveted. He brought the Dealer out into the
>yard to do a little Dealing. Now, both of them knew that the radio
>was worth about $250, and of course both knew that it had not cost
>that much. Since the Dealer regarded my friend as a somewhat 'good'
>customer, he said "Make me an offer." My smart-ass friend thought he
>had the Surplus Business wired, and offered $25. The Dealer said
>"Yeah, wait here.." and went off, ostensibly to get a handtruck.
>When he returned, he also had a five-pound sledgehammer, and he
>proceeded to beat the radio into crinkly little bits while friend
>watched aghast. When he was done, the Dealer said "Sold!" My friend
>at least had the class to buy the remains, and last I saw him, still
>had it in a corner of his workshop in a box... just to remind him the
>next time he set out insult someone's intelligence.

While I fully agree that one must not insult the intelligence of
a potential business associate, I just can't hold back telling
a story of a low-ball that worked. Several years ago an old
friend from college, my wife and I were strolling around a hamfest
and came across a rather nice 19" equipment rack. It was about 6'
tall, had fans in the top and hinged doors on both sides and the
back. The rollers and paint were even in good condition. After
chatting a bit, the seller said we should make an offer. While
I was pondering if he would take $50 or $100 for it and if I could
justify that (I was in grad school at the time), my wife piped
up and asked "How about $15?" My college chum and I just stood
dumbfounded while the seller thought for a second and said "Ok."
And that's how I ended up with my rack.

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