Score of the Day

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Sun Aug 22 21:03:18 1999

  A few racks sitting in the backyard at a local equipment recycling house
caught my eye today. They'd been there for quite a while, but up until now I'd
always been busy with other things. So I went digging today, and scored a
near-perfect RL02 drive, a pair of RLV12 boards with cabling, and three DELUA
boards with cabinet kits. All for the princely sum of $50! Woohoo! There's
another RL02 there which may be in similar condition to the first, but I was
unable to get to it this time. I'll dig deeper for it next time I'm there.

  Also in the pile is a board by ACC that I don't's labeled
"UNI/VERS U-Board"...Unibus<->Qbus converter, perhaps? This was in a chassis
that held an RLV12 and a few other Qbus boards, and it was part of a large VAX
8650 system...that's why I was thinking a bus adapter. Anybody know for sure?

                              -Dave McGuire
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