Re. imsai 2 (OT)

From: Bill Sudbrink <>
Date: Mon Aug 23 12:34:05 1999

> >"Gee, that's too bad. If you hadn't rewound the transformer on that
> >IMSAI, it would be worth $50,000. But since it works, it's only
> >worth $25. Remember folks, never fix anything. The original non-working
> >lump of metal is worth far more than a machine that does what it was
> >actually designed to do."
> I guess you don't watch the Antiques Roadshow very often. They routinely
> dash people's hopes by saying "Gee, if back in 1950 you hadn't refinished
> this 1820 chest of drawers, it would be worth $25,000. But now it's
> worth $250."

I thought that that was exactly what I was parodying. I guess
I didn't make that clear. I generally enjoy Antiques Roadshow,
but those particular spots really annoy me. In my opinion, the
original craftsman (the maker of the piece) would probably drop
over dead if presented with his work in "ideal collectable"
condition. Either that or he would immediately attack it with
sandpaper and mineral spirits.
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