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From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Mon Aug 23 12:50:18 1999

On Mon, 23 Aug 1999, Max Eskin wrote:

> In general, what is the meaning of an antique? In many cases, it is exactly
> something that is old. However in the case of a computer, I think that an
> exact copy is perfectly valid. We are trying to preserve computer history,
> and computer technology, not old plastic, after all. What should concern
> people (IMHO) is the particular arrangement of keys on the keyboard, or
> gates on a CPU, or whatever, i.e. functional characteristics.

Interesting point. From a logical standpoint, an emulator can be just as
much the original machine as the original itself. However, I think the
psychological impact of an "antique" is that it has passed through many
hands before it arrived in yours, and the personal history that each
individual machine possess is what is desired. It connects us to the
past. Something peculiarly human.

Also, humans are creatures that desire tangibility. We want to see the
machine, feel it, look inside it, experience the sights and smells as it
fires up, marvel at its elegance (or lack thereof), tinker with it in
three dimensions, point it out to people as a source of pride. You can't
do that with an emulator.

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