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From: Doug Coward <>
Date: Tue Aug 24 11:03:16 1999

Kevin McQuiggin said:
> Hi Gang:
> The most recent addition to is the Small
> Computer Handbook, 1966 edition, sections 1 and 2.
> These were contributed by Doug Coward. You can reach Doug at the highgate
> web site.
> Further contributions of pdp-8 material welcome,

 I just wanted to add:

 Thank you Kevin, for taking this material under your wing.

 And to everyone else, this DEC handbook states the following on the
rear cover:
  "This first edition of the DIGITAL Small Computer Handbook is designed
to be a
   sourcebook of basic computer technology for the computer user and
student. In
   addition to detailed material on computer fundamentals and
programming examples,
   this book includes three user handbooks covering Digital's popular
Family of
   Eight scientific/engineering computers - the PDP-8, LINC-8, and the
new PDP-8/s."

 "sections 1 and 2" consist of the "computer fundamentals" section and
the PDP-8/s
 section. Currently this is a 69MB file of 300 dpi scans. This is the
first time
 that I have scanned any documents of this size for anyone besides
myself, and I'm
 hoping to find out if these scans are convertable to a more manageable
format or
 if I need to make some adjustments, before begining on the last two
 (PDP-8 and LINC-8) which make up 2/3 of the handbook.
   And in the process, I want to learn the process of converting scans
to a smaller
 format (without starting an argument) because I also have about 590
pages of
 COSMAC/ELF docs scanned and ready to convert in addition to a few other
that are
 in progress.

 Maybe one of these days I'll even get around to scanning some analog
computer docs. :)
Doug Coward (work)
Sr. Software Eng. (home)
Press Start Inc.

Analog Computer Museum and History Center
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