Antiques Roadshow (was: Re: Re. imsai 2)

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Tue Aug 24 16:06:45 1999

> > Consider that a Mark-8 is probably very simple to re-produce (save for the
> > 8008 chip) but could sell for upwards of $1K each on the current ebay

> I hesitate to mention this, but a very common place to find 8008s is on
> the KY11-B frontpanel control board for the PDP11/34. And that machine is
> not exactly rare or expensive (yet).

> I am not suggesting the responsible enthusiasts will raid such machine
> for the chip, but...

Well, if microprocessors are the area of interest,
an 11/34 is just scrap metall (please, don't hurt me :)


(In fact, I belive an 8008 will be still more valuable than
 a PDP 11/34, no matter how rare they will be in the future)

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