new toy tandy 1000hx

From: Ward Griffiths <>
Date: Tue Aug 24 22:28:01 1999

On Tue, 24 Aug 1999, Allison J Parent wrote:

> Tandy 25-1053 1000HX PC.
> Interesting 8088 non-isa monoboard with what appears to be mono video
> and integral keyboard. The PS is very small, less that 55W and the MB
> is mostly cmos save for the cpu and support chips.

Aimed at the kid home and school market, its expansion is by Tandy's
"Plus" card bus and the cards are not common anymore. It's a CGA
with the PCjr added modes, sound is also PCjr style. There should be
a headphone jack somewhere on the beast, and I'm not talking Walkman
style headphones.

> I'm trying to decide if I'll gut it for the powersupply and floppy or
> find a use for it. One limiting factor is it down't appear to have a
> serial port.

That was an option on a PlusCard. IIRC, one of the PlusCards that also
took memory to 640k.

> If I can find a schematic I may try a hack I've considered. Putting a
> 8085+mmu in the 8088 socket (it's been done going the other way!) and
> changing the rom so I can run cpm-80.
> First chance I'll drop by Tandy... knowing them they may have the service
> manual for it.

Special order from National Parts (or whatever they call it these days)
it'll be part number MS2501053.
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