HP DraftMaster I

From: Doug Spence <hrothgar_at_total.net>
Date: Tue Aug 31 01:25:28 1999


I thought I'd break in amongst all the big-brained stuff about part
design and announce to the world that I've garbage-picked a Hewlett
Packard DraftMaster I (7595A).

It was easy to get home because it was only two streets over, and the
wheels roll nicely.

It went downhill really well, so I'm considering entering it in next
year's Soap Box Derby.

I'm also planning on building some shelves into it, to justify its space

The machine DOES work. I plugged it into my Amiga, and managed to get
it to draw a bicycle from an old PD CAD package off a magazine disk. It
keeps chewing on the flimsy paper I've got, though.

It has an HPIB port on it, so I'll have to write a HPGL driver for my
PET one of these days. ;)

Anyone know how old this thing is? HP's web site lists "DraftMaster" as
one of their trademarks, but I couldn't find much else out about it.

I used to work as a CAD operator at one of the big engineering firms in
downtown Montreal, so this is a cool find.

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