VAXstation 3100 history (Was ... different)

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Date: Wed Dec 1 00:57:46 1999

> I just got mail from a friend in Virginia who is saving a MicroVAX 3100-90
> for me that they are pitching out where he works (and he'll *deliver*, too!)
> Where can I go to learn more about specific models of 3100s? He mentions
> that it has either 64 or 128Mb of RAM, a 500Mb and 1Gb scsi disk, DAT and
> an external tape that, from his descriptions, I'm assuming is a TLZ30 or

<DROOL!!!> Check out for a
small amount of info. That is one SERIOUS system! Not quite the best in
the 3100 family, but very close, only a handful of VAXen are faster and most
that are BIG systems.

> similar. One minor catch - they filled the disk and it won't boot. I take
> it I can conversational-boot it and use the console as the startup file to
> wrest control from the system in the earliest stages, then, at least, purge
> the SYS$MANAGER area of old log files to leave enough room to perform a full
> boot (and clear the SYSTEM password while I'm at it ;-)

As I recall, the procedure in the FAQ is the best for this.

> Did I miss anything? Is there a publish procedure for recovering from totally
> full disks, or will I have to go back to the manuals and remember how to do
> it from scratch? I've been away from VMS for the past couple of years. All

You might want to do a dejanews search. Somewhere either on USENET or maybe
even here there was a discussion about this in the last couple of weeks.

> I've really done recently is log on and run some ancient DCL scripts. Now
> back in the old days, I used to assemble 11/730's from piles of parts,
> reconstruct console tapes, write system programs and devices drivers, etc., but
> never with anything newer than an 8530. Our "main" machines were an 11/750

That 8530, only 4 VUPs, the 3100/90 is 24 VUPs! <DROOL!> <SIGH> I really
hope I find that the 4000/90 works once I get the RAM for it that I'm waiting
on. Currently my fastest VAXen are only 2.4 VUPs.

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