The good old days of tape players

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Date: Wed Dec 1 00:26:05 1999

Zane wrote:

> Hmmm, do I understand that first part correctly that you're essentially
> using the PC as a cassette recorder? That *REALLY* appeals to my sick
> of humor. Now what machines do I have that can use cassette tapes.... :^)

Well, you can still buy brand-new ZX81 kits for $49.95 . . . and the 16 KB
RAM expansions are readily available for about US$5-10 ;>)

Essentially, I use the PC as a device to transfer programs from FTP or Web
sites to my small computers: download the program, send it out the sound card
to a tape, then load that tape into the smaller computer.

There are presently over 10,000 programs available -- all free -- on FTP/Web
sites for the small computers I collect. Unfortunately there are groups in
the US which oppose this activity -- not because any of the program authors
are objecting at this late date -- but because these groups propose that
*any* form of emulation, or use of *alien* hardware, to run, store, or
transfer these programs is illegal and should be stopped.

Their reasoning is: if I never bought a ZX81, but I use a ZX81 emulator on my
PC to run ZX81 programs, then what is to stop me from using a Sony
Playstation emulator on my PC to avoid buying a Playstation?

My opinion is: the major game producers are afraid that if the public finds
out that for well under US$100 anyone with a PC and a modem can pick up an
"obsolete" computer and get 10,000 games, free, the new hot-rod game machines
might lose a few sales.


Glen Goodwin
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