[OT] They're restarting Chernobyl?

From: Charles E. Fox <foxvideo_at_wincom.net>
Date: Wed Dec 1 06:32:14 1999

At 10:28 PM 11/30/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>Here in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan we have the worst air in the U.P. of
>Michigan. It all comes from Sault, Ontario thanks to Algoma Steel,
>Abitibi-Price Paper & the northern winds to bring it all across.
>Thankfully, we've had hydro-based power (water-spun turbines - great for
>alleving those Y2K fears... ;-) since before 1900 - The Canadians finally
>built a hydro plant a few years ago, too.
>I'm not saying Detroit doesn't suck - IMHO it does... Bad. Really bad.
>*Really, Really Bad.* And I like Windsor - been there a couple times, and
>it seemed really nice.
>And hopefully, *finally* those cold, northern winds that bring us so much
>snow, might finally blow a Vax or two across the border to me... I'm still
>waiting to see if there might be a few to snag.
>Just wanted to let you know that not *all* Michiganders are stinkin',
>pollutin' bastards... ;-)
>Roger "Merch" Merchberger
>P.S. If most parts of Canada are powered by non-hydro-based means, why do
>you call it a "hydro bill?" I always wondered that...
>Roger "Merch" Merchberger --- sysadmin, Iceberg Computers
>Recycling is good, right??? Ok, so I'll recycle an old .sig.
>If at first you don't succeed, nuclear warhead
>disarmament should *not* be your first career choice.
        Right on, Roger. I wasn't trying to pin all the blame on you Yanks. We
have a big smokestack, I think at Sudbury, that puffs polution from the
nickel mine all the way to New York State.
        I think how the "hydro" thing got started was the use of power generators
at Niagara Falls to supply most of Ontario with 25 cycle AC. (They didn't
use much in those days- one 25 watt lamp in every room, no tv.)
        The smartest thing our government ever spent money on was to convert the
whole mess over to 60 Hz after the war. Can you picture us trying to buy 25
Hz computers?


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