VAXstation 3100 history (Was ... different)

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Wed Dec 1 10:27:10 1999

On Wed, 01 Dec 1999, Truthan,Larry wrote:
>I did not see any directory commands to tell how much disk space is
>used/available. Are there any?

$ dir/free

>Nor did I see any FORMAT command. (Which at this point I want to AVOID,
>because I don't understand the Backup process or target backup media
>capacity constraints. It sounds like backup clones the OS on the same drive
>in "renewed" and/or "rebuilt" files )

$ initialize ...

>According to Allison's prior post, should I assume this RD52 is a 30MB MFM
>non SCSI drive?

  About 35mb, actually. It's a Quantum Q540. Great drive.

>I also have a Plessy 6600/6700 system which has a 84MB-90MB drive which I
>think hangs on a DEC compatible SCSI controller.
>(I believe the Plessy is an LSI-11/34 clone.)The Plessy also has a Cipher
>F880 1600 bpi 9-track tape drive connected.

  LSI-11/ mean 11/23?

>Is there a chance I could Load the Hobby openVMS on either one, or both of
>these systems in a cluster?

  Not on the Plessy system...if it is indeed an LSI-11 based system, it's
not a VAX, it's a PDP11. Entirely different kind of system. But really
wonderfully cool in its own right! :-)

  The MicroVAX-I should run the hobbyist distribution of VMS just fine.

>I believe someone gave an earlier response that the MicroVAX I was too
>small to run openVMS alone.

  It will be painful, yes, but I know of no reason why it wouldn't run. Anyone

                    -Dave McGuire
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