VAXstation 3100 history (Was ... different)

From: Roger Ivie <>
Date: Wed Dec 1 09:40:31 1999

>I recently got my MicroVAX I up and running it's MicroVMS 4.1
>Is there a chance I could Load the Hobby openVMS on either one, or both of
>these systems in a cluster?

I would be surprised. I pulled back a bloody stump the last time I
mentioned the MicroVAX I to the VMS guys.

My original design concept for the Firefox QBus Adapter Module involved
having a dual-ported memory between the MBus and the QBus. The device
drivers would copy data to and from this memory before or after performing
DMA, as appropriate. This would have worked nicely and provided acceptable
performance. However, I made the mistake of describing the arrangement
to VMS people as "just like the MicroVAX I"; since the MicroVAX I doesn't
have a scatter/gather map, the device driver has to do this to cover that
lack. I was rudely informed that VMS no longer supported the MicroVAX I,
and good riddance.

So, the FQAM wound up being a really ugly and slow QBus adapter that worked
much more like the traditional QBus adapter.

Roger Ivie
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