C-64 Comms program

From: B'ichela <mdalene_at_home.ctol.net>
Date: Wed Dec 1 04:34:44 1999

On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, John Foust wrote:

> At 11:07 PM 11/29/99 -0500, LordTyran wrote:
> >I have a lovely C-64 with 1541 disk drive and original Commodore 300 baud
> >modem.. but no software for the modem.
> > I've considered making a cable to write with the drive on
> >my linux box but it's just not worth the effort.
> No, it would be worth the effort to make the cable that connects
> the 1541 to your PC. :-)
> "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you show
> a man the Internet, he won't bother you for a few weeks."
> - John
        How do you hook a Commodore Disk drive to a Linux Based 486? what
software drivers for Linux do you need? I have one Commodore 1571 sitting
around here, in Addition to a Okimate-120 dot matrix printer.

                A pearl of wisdom from the y2K newsgroups:
Y2K appears to be the Baby Boomers mid-life crisis, and it has the
potential to be a dandy.
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