Amstrad CPC 6128 Floppy problem

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Wed Dec 1 13:02:07 1999

On Dec 1, 17:13, Peter Joules wrote:

> The motor doesn't move so plan B

> I have taken a known working drive out of a PCW and that doesn't spin up
> either. In both cases the LED which looks through the hole in the
> middle of the disk comes on and the LED on the front flashes briefly as
> the machine tries to access the drive.
> I suppose the next step is to check the voltages on the supply. There
> are 4 wires 1 red, one orange, and 2 black. Do you know what voltages
> are supposed to be on each, and relative to what?

Sounds like the +5V which powers the drive logic is OK, and the +12V for
the motor is AWOL. The black wires are the 0V returns for the two
supplies, and IIRC red is +5V and orange is +12V.

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