Data Media Conversion -- commercial interest?

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Wed Dec 1 13:47:13 1999

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>A quick pair of questions to the list out of curiosity:
>Do you think there is much data out there on older storage
>media (paper tape, punch cards, 7-track tape, 9-track tape)
>that is waiting to be converted to newer (cd-rom, 8mm) media?

        Probably quite a bit, yes.

>Are there commercial firms that specialize in such transfers/
>conversions of data from older media to newer media?

        Yes indeed. In fact, I run one. ;-)

        (SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT) for details.

        HOWEVER -- if it's just a minor job for a fellow listmember/classic
computer user, like copying a distro tape or writing a NetBSD load onto
some oddball media, I typically don't charge anything other than shipping,
or I give a big fat discount on my published rates. Others have done the
same for me, and I certainly don't see any reason not to do it for others.

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