OT: Game economics (was Re: The good old days of tape players)

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Wed Dec 1 14:24:00 1999

>What I'm surprised at is the *longevity* of the platform. I saw my first
>Playstation in '95, and finally gave up and bought my own (heh) about three
>months ago. TONS of games are still being actively developed for the
>platform (its still a major porting candidate), and I dont see it dying
>anytime soon.

You want longevity? Try the Nintendo Gameboy! It's *on-topic* for this
list! I bought my first gameboy right when they were first release in
about '88 or '89. I was on a Frigate at the time, it was fantastic with
the long battery life. (course I also had a Kaypro 2000 onboard). I can't
believe that the platform is still alive, though I think they recently
released a colour version.

>What I need, tho, are just some good old-fashioned "blow stuff up" games.
>I'd kill for a port of Ikari Warriors with that 8-position twistable

It's not that kind of game at all, but try 'Metal Gear Solid' if you
haven't, I got it when it first came out about a year ago, I see now that
it's available in their 'classic' packaging for a only $20, that game is a
steal at that price. One of the few games I've ever played all the way

If you like side-scroller shooters, go with Einhander or R-Types. R-Types
is rather dated though as it's got the original graphics. Let's see, also
look at WarGames if you can still find it. I really like the fact that
I'll be able to play all my PSX games on the PSX2! Though it has been
months since I've messed with it, but then I've not been a big game player
for years.

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