3100 SCSI and 1.07GB (was RE: VAXstation 3100 history)

From: Jim Strickland <jim_at_calico.litterbox.com>
Date: Wed Dec 1 15:47:10 1999

> Very likely. Are *any* of the newer 3100's VAXstations, or just
> MicroVAXen? Off the top of my head with the newest models you needed a
> 4000 if you want a VAXstation.

I have no idea. The last time I knew what was going on in the VAX product line,
the 4000vlc had just come out, the University I was working had just payed a
boatload of money for a 4000/500 (that I'm hoping to get my mits on when it
gets retired come spring) and the 10000 (Vax Mainframe) was still in the
catalog. Which brings up the next question - has anyone ever even seen one
of the 10,000s, let alone owned one?

Jim Strickland
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