From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Wed Dec 1 19:03:58 1999

<> <Today I bought a SC/MP wirewrapped board. Does anyone know of a site
<> <data sheet? My search came up with what is known as "SC/MP II",
<> <description of a "MK14" project in Practical Electronics mag. In
<> <particular, the chip on my board requires an unknown neg. voltage on =
<> <40, instead of +5 Volts on the later NMOS versions. The actual part =
<> <ISP-8A/500D
<Some time ago i found one of these systems. It also included the =
<original datasheets from National. It says that the voltage on pin 40 =
<must be -7Volt. =20
<When you need more info i can send you a scan of the datasheets.

There are two versions of the SC/MP the older Pmos part that requires +5V
and -7V and the later NMOS part that only wants +5. They are nearly
identical elsewise.

<Unfortunately my system doesn't function. So i'm looking for the =
<scematics. Maybe you can help me out?=20

I'd have to dig deep for them, I know I have them for the commercial board.
Then I'd have to copy them as they are real paper and I don't have a working
scanner just yet.

Oh, I'm here in eastern USA.

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