Fixing Basic Proggies (was: Basic Source for Super Star Trek

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Wed Dec 1 20:11:29 1999

Rumor has it that Jim Strickland may have mentioned these words:

>This program and I have a long history. A friend of mine got his mom - who
>typed at some obscenely high rate - to type the whole thing into his
>64, and we exchanged versions of it with "graphics" (okay we substituted
>commodore specific characters for the letters) and primitive sound effects.
>Where that disk is I have no idea, I'm sure it's long gone.

Boy, does that bring back memories... A friend of mine *way back when* had
a Commie 64 w/2 floppies (back when they were lotsa $$$) and we played a
game called "Telengard"... I believe that's the correct spelling. Pretty
neat game, was in basic. I remember the original programmer never bothered
to program in a save game function, so my buddy and I did one day... [[Boy,
those were the days... If you don't like it, Fix it! ;-) Something Gates
needs to learn... ;-)]]

ISTR that the tape the game originally came on had versions for a few
Commies, the Atari 800, and Believe it or not, the CoCo! all on the same
tape. Anyone have that game floating around... now that I have a 64 & 128?

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